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Hey guys, this is just an official post saying that I am currently closed for commissions, and probably will be for another month or so- until I catch up with the ones I already took on. It’s been a really tough year health-wise for me, so I need to take it slow :)
I will notify you guys when I’m open for commissions again!

Commissions are Open!

Tue Aug 2, 2016, 2:12 PM

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Hey guys, I am currently rather short on money and trying to save up for a con, so I'm going to do commissions! Yay! 

Here are my prices (most expensive to least expensive):

Detailed Styles: 4500-5000 pts or $45-$50

Rakka II by invisibleninja12Hinote  by invisibleninja12My Assassin by invisibleninja12Getsuei by invisibleninja12Tejina by invisibleninja12 The Siren by invisibleninja12
 Whatever these are, they take around the same amount of effort! Either a really fancy background or my painting style. If you have a particular picture you like, I can do that style for you :) (Smile)
One character is $45 and two characters is $50. Any more than that, and we can talk about a custom price. 

Regular Style w/o Advanced Background: 3500-4000 pts or $35-$40

These take me a few hours at most to do :) (Smile) One character is $35, and two or more characters is $40

This can include a full body, just not a detailed background or too much detail on the shading, otherwise it will be considered a detailed picture, which is more expensive.

Simpler Shading: 2500-3000 pts or $25-$30

Magic by invisibleninja12Sai by invisibleninja12Apparition by invisibleninja12Super Hotties by invisibleninja12I Will Always Love You by invisibleninja12Valentine's Day- Hijimitsu  by invisibleninja12
Still has shading, but doesn't take long to do at all. One character is $25, two or more is $30

Flat Color and Patterns: 2000-2500 pts or $20-$25

Utter Darkness: Shiori by invisibleninja12Pandemonium by invisibleninja12Killua by invisibleninja12Garandou by invisibleninja12BLEACH 1:2 by invisibleninja12Ian by invisibleninja12
Either has no shading or very minimal shading. Patterns on fabric can be included.
Fancier ones will cost up to $25

Colored Comics: 2500-6000 pts or $25-$60

Akachou Ch 6 Pg 51 Redraw by invisibleninja12Naomote pg 6 by invisibleninja12Naomote pg 10 by invisibleninja12Naomote pg 1 by invisibleninja12Heels  by invisibleninja12Alone Together by invisibleninja12
One Page is $25- $60, depending on the shading, coloring and detail.
Can be anything you want!

B&W Comics: 2000- 3500 pts or $20-$35

Ch 1 pg 1 by invisibleninja12Ch 1 pg 1 by invisibleninja12Ch 2 pg 24 by invisibleninja12Ch 3 pg 38 by invisibleninja12I am Your Father by invisibleninja12How You Feline? by invisibleninja12
One page is $20- $35, depending on the subject and detail.

I will only go up to 4 panels for $20. 5 or 6 will cost at least $25

Reference Sheets: 1000 pts or $10
Hitomi Character Design Sheet by invisibleninja12Ishiki Matsuoka Character Bio Sheet by invisibleninja12Hakuro Matsuoka Character Bio Sheet by invisibleninja12Kiseki Shiokaze Character Bio Sheet by invisibleninja12Hitomi Disguise 2 Design Layout by invisibleninja12Kurone Character Bio Sheet by invisibleninja12
Uh, I've been asked about these a lot, so if you want one, I'd be more than happy to make one for you! Just give me a bunch of information about your character if you'd like a bio sheet, or give me a character design if you just want me to lay that out all nice and pretty!

Lineart: 800-1500 pts or $8-$15

Sasori Pre Akatsukil by invisibleninja12Kisame Line Art by invisibleninja12Gin lines by invisibleninja12HidaKona line art by invisibleninja12Kurotsuchi Waves Line Art by invisibleninja12Dei Bae Line Art by invisibleninja12
Line art can go from $8 to $15 depending on how complex it is. For example, if you just want a portrait, like my Kisame line art, that will be $8. The picture of Gintoki will be $15, because the lines are thinner and take more time and effort.

Please go ahead and send me a note, so we can discuss details! :) I will try to get to you as soon as possible! My only guidelines are no pornographic images or yaoi/yuri. Thank you! :D 

Commission RDM!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2016, 3:01 PM

After June 5th, :iconrisedarkmoon: can no longer take commissions, because PayPal will no longer be available in her country :( Please commission her, she is a wonderful artist! 

Here is her commission journal: 

If you are interested contact me via DA mail,do not write under this journal

I do:
-any kind of pairings (ocxoc,canonxoc,canonxcanon )
-character design

I don't do:


-hate art(homofobic,sexist,racist)

    • Send commission payment as ‘goods and services’!
    • Do NOT send payment as a 'gift' or 'family/friends.'
    • Please select "NO SHIPPING REQUIRED."
    • You do NOT have to pay the fee for me.
((I prefer euros but you can also pay as dollars,equal amount of currency 1dollars=0.9euro))

Terms and Rules

-those comissions are personal only.
-please give me detailed description of which style and which pose you want
-I'll start after I get the payment 
-No refunds after I start 
-You can upload the image anywhere you want,but give me credit.
-I will show you the sketch after the payment. 
-If I am not confortable with your request I have right to refuse it.
-Some arts I will upload only in tumblr.


sovereignpisces (done)
wass0990 (done)

Traditional Comissions!!

Sketchy Style;

Waistup: 6, halfbody: 8 ,fullbody: 12 (additional character +4,+6,+8)€

Punkass by RiseDarkMoon  Tender Kiss by RiseDarkMoon

Detailed Style;

Waistup: 13, halfbody: 15 ,fullbody: 18..(additional character +6,+8,+10)€ 

Reckless by RiseDarkMoon  Fortune Teller by RiseDarkMoon

Mature Content

Fickle Visions by RiseDarkMoon

Lined Traditional(manga style):

waistup: 10, halfbody: 13, fullbody: 16 (additional character +5,+7,+9)€ 
(naruto style or my own art style)

Bifuu by RiseDarkMoon CM-Hanzoshiori by RiseDarkMoon  Lost little angel by RiseDarkMoon

Colored Traditional:

(same prices for sketchy and detailed plus +4,+7,+9) € 

AT-Sunny afternoon by RiseDarkMoon  Hope by RiseDarkMoon Luscifer by RiseDarkMoon

Chibi skeches:

Fullbody : 5 ..additional character +3 € 

  Oichi by RiseDarkMoon

Comic pannels

25-40 € (depends on the details)

Ch18-pg50 by Akatsuki-Gakuen  Ch15-pg39 by Akatsuki-Gakuen 

Digital Comissions!!

Colored Sketchy:

waistup: 12 halfbody: 15 fullbody: 17 € (additional character: 6, 8, 10)€

Botan by RiseDarkMoon See you one day. by RiseDarkMoon  97587834847 by RiseDarkMoon


waistup: 16 halfbody: 18 fullbody: 23 (additional character +15)€ 


Mature Content

AT- Complete me by RiseDarkMoon
  Kaikaku OC Sheet by RiseDarkMoon

(additional background:+5-30 depends of complexity) € ''fake screenshot style included''

Nighttime Bath by RiseDarkMoon Miyabi by RiseDarkMoon Gentle Breeze by RiseDarkMoon

Tattooed Halfbody:

20€  (additional character +15 )€ 

RedstaR by RiseDarkMoon  SavioR by RiseDarkMoon  SapphirE by RiseDarkMoon CM-DeiFuyu by RiseDarkMoon

Commission my friend, Yuumae!:

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 3:22 PM

Hello my darlings! I have decided to update my journal 
with newer arts and adding Marvel/ D.C comics art style" to
the collection lol. 

I want to mention that my art style and coloring style are pretty much very unique and are result of hard work. I have improved alot lately and I like drawing anatomy in a exagerated,skinny, lanky and tall style!.
I usually color in soft brush shading but I can do normal flat, or cell shade in my OWN style.:) (Smile).

So I am opening a few commission slots in DeviantART for now. 

The requirements to commission me are:
-The payments must be 100% upfront. 
-I'll start working on this commissions as soon as possible.
- Please understand that there is no deadline and I have a private life outside of DA. You must be willing to be patient :) (Smile)
-Payments can only be done by Paypal and POINTS
If you're interested, please drop me a note with the title "Commission" and what commission you choose and your nickname on Da. 
Thank you very much for your support!!  Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

:bademoticon: I don't draw Hentai, Yuri, Yaoi. Sorry but I live in a very conservative environment. 
But I am okay with erotic nudity as long as it's not pornographic. 
Extreme Gore scenes, for example, decapitation, amputation, wierd stuff. .
Abusive, humiliating images.


:bademoticon:  I am willing to draw animals,mechanics and monsters.
:bademoticon: I can draw any ocs or canon Characters from any anime, manga, tv shows, for example: (  One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titans, Sailormoon, Detective conan, Toriko ,ectera...).

:bademoticon:  Please give me a clean reference when asking for a oc, characters, OCXCanon commission

:bademoticon: Please tell me in your own words what do you want exactly in the commission, to just avoid misunderstandings! 
 And any other additional information I should know. Emotion/pose. Keep it simple please. 

Howl :bademoticon:  How to send a payment on PAYPAL: 
please send commission payment as'  goods and services'!
Do NOT send payment as a 'gift or 'family/friends'
Please select' No shipping Required' or ' No address Required'
You do NOT have to pay the fee for me.

Howl :bademoticon:  How to send a payment by Points : 
You can simply send me points on the main page.
I have my commission prices there too <3

I can show you the sketch/wip of your commission to confirm a pose, or by request , and if satisfayed, I can proceed to art line the commission.  So If you'd like changes, please tell me specifically before I proceed further by doing the lineart. Because I won't change anything after that ( lineart). You will have to accept how the drawing will end up after lineart.

My price list (USD):

- max 4 characters per picture
- will add $2-$5 depending on complexity
- coloring style may or may not alter a bit but still belongs to me.

I apologize but I am charging extra for brush shading because its my personal style that I 've  developed for a looong time  ( check out my gallery)
yet I saw some person from naruto fandom
trying to imitate my lineart and coloring style recently and make a profit out of it claiming as their new brush shading style in their commission.

I am also charging extra for Backgrounds because I draw and color them from SCRATCH. 
No premade brushes for whatsoever element in the nature. So please understand it's time 
consuming for me to do these commissions because of the coloring and bg.
For all no background pictures, colors will be simple white, dark or a plain color.
Something definetly simple. 

 Manga style black and white/ Lineart + add character 10 

 Fakecoverlineaerjpg by YumanaeLove Anniversary _I am glad that I have met you by Yumanae

(more to come)
Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

Chibis +add character 5$: 

Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch --->800 Points or 8$
.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  --->1200 points or 12$  
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 1500 points or 15$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading my personal style) --->1700 points or 17$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Headshots/Busts+add character 12$: 

  Watching them fall by Yumanae Lamiaclose yup No color by Yumanae  Gift_GaaraXOC_Thank you for choosing me, I love u by Yumanae

Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch ---> 1000 Points or 10$
.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  --->1500 points or 15$  
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 2200 points or 22$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading my personal style) --->2500 points or 25$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Halfbody+add character 15$: 

  The king always protects the queen by YumanaeLumberjackPein Hikarflni by Yumanae  Rainbow siblings's problems by Yumanae  Deep moment of affection by Yumanae

Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch ---> 1000 Points or 10$
.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  ---> 1200 points or 25$  
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 1500 points or 15$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading my personal style) --->3000 points or 30$
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Half Fullbody:+add character 15$

I cannot stop myself from looking at you by Yumanae   I don't know what to say by Yumanae  Euphoria by YumanaeEurophiad by Yumanae  Hidakona _You will always be my only one and love by Yumanae

Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch ---> 1200 Points or 12$
.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  ---> 1700 points or 17$  
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 3200 points or 32$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading my personal style) --->3200 points or 32$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Fullbody+add character +22$:  

  Hikari the epitome of light by Yumanae  You will always be safe with me by Yumanae  The leading light who lurks in the shadows by Yumanae
Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch ---> 1000 Points or 10$
.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  ---> 1900 points or 19$  
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 2200 points or 22 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading  my personal style) --->4200 points or 42$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

I can also do my arts or your commissions in Marvel/DC comics style


Recently I have been developping my other unique art style!
I have gotten very positive reactions from my friends and watchers.
So I have decided to work with my second art style as well !!

Prices depend on complexity, extra fees may be charged
 for complicated or extra Work.

love yourself by Yumanae  We will get thru this by Yumanae

Headshots/Busts+add character +12$:  

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch ---> 1000 points or 10$
.:Pastel pink star:.Flat  --->   1500 Points or 15$
Shaded( Brush shading) --->3500 points or 35$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Half Fullbody+ add character +15: 

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch --->1200 points or 12 $  
.:Pastel pink star:.Flat  ---> 3000 Points or 30$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded ((Brush shading  my personal style) --->4000 points or 40$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 5 $

Fullbody+ add character+25 

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch ---> 2200 points or 22$
.:Pastel pink star:.Flat  --->  3000 Points or 30$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded ((Brush shading my personal style) --->4700 points or 47$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Outfit design + Character sheet

My OC Hikari.Profile and Ref sheet  (UPDATED) by Yumanae  lamia my other Oc. ref sheet. ( REUpdated) by Yumanae  Grizzy reference, Bio by Yumanae
(my naruto ocs)

.:Pastel pink star:.Sketch --->1500 Points or 15$
.:Pastel pink star:.Flat  ---> 2500 points or 25 $  
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded ((Brush shading my personal style) --->4700 points or 47$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

 For the fake screenshot art quality as well!

For any art price you choose already, if you want me to do it as a fake screenshot art, just add extra 5$.
Let's just say that you want me to do the 45$ fullbody of one single character with bg and you want me to make it into a fake screenshot art quality, it will cost you 50$ in total price.

examples of my fake screenshot art --> 
  Deep moment of affection by Yumanae  The beggining of a new partnership by Yumanae

Collab commissions!

My friend RiseDarkMoon and I opened 
"private collab commissions". 
If you love her art style and my coloring style but want to see your oc or character
colored by me and drawn by her.Then this is for you darling !!

Please understand that we have to split the commission prices in half because of our
equal amount of work on these commissions.

Please feel free to note either one of us for the commission request and payment!


Headshots+add character +10$:  

.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  ---> 1200 points or 12$
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 2600 points or 26$
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading my personal style) --->3000 points or 30$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background ---> Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Half Fullbody+ add character: 

.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  ---> 1500 or 15$
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 2600 points or 26 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading ) --->3500 points or 35$ 
With either:
.:Pastel pink star:.Simple bakground--->: Free of charge
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Fullbody+ add character 

.:Pastel pink star:. Flat  ---> 1700 points or 17$  
.:Pastel pink star:.Anime cell shaded--> 3500 points or 35 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Shaded( Brush shading) --->4500 points or 45$ 
.:Pastel pink star:.Medium background ---> just add extra 5 dollars
.:Pastel pink star:.Detailed background --->Just add extra 1000 points or 10 $
.:Pastel pink star:.Fake anime screenshot ---> Just add extra 500 points or 5 $

Terms & Rules: 

- I reserve the right to refuse your commission for whatever reason.
- I also reserve the right to the images, because I also need them to be on my da, for more commission examples. 
-These commissions are for personal use only, they may not be used to for commercial purpose under any circumstances. 
-You can upload your commissions on your DA, Tumblr, Facebook or any personal site of yours, but I will ask you to link me back to my deviantart page. 
- Please Do NOT remove my signature and I will repeat, credit me if you use the commissioned work somewhere else, even on Da.
- Do NOT use any of the images unless you are the owner/were given permission from the owner.
- Do NOT claim the commissioned work as your own, or use without permission. 
- Do NOT Steal, edit, or trace over my works /art/even the commissioned ones!

- NO refunds, cancellations, or substitutions are allowed once I've started/ completed the commission.

Pumpkin If you commission me, it means that you've read, agreed with, and will adhere to all of my terms presented above.
Please do not forget to sign read and agreed with the date@ when commissioning me."

Skin by NellyAsher

OC Tag- 25 Questions

Sun Mar 13, 2016, 5:41 PM

Let’s have some fun and talk about our OCs! If tagged, pick the best/most developed OC you have and fill this out!


  1. Post these rules.
  2. Answer the questions about your OC below. Go ahead and give more info than just a one-word response!
  3. Tag at least 5 people! (If you don’t have an OC, you should make one and then fill this out *winky face*). You don’t have to be tagged to do this, if you want to do it, tag me so I can see! :D


OC’s name:
Hitomi (Last name not given yet)

Fandom (if any): 

17/18 (but appears to be older)


Katengetchi by invisibleninja12

1: Any nicknames? 

She is called "Chizome" by her employers. Most people only know her by this name, since she doesn't usually expose her real identity. Chizome means "blood-stained", which refers to the amount of blood she leaves behind her, due to the fact that she likes to behead or slit the throats of her targets.

2: What is ‘home’ to your OC?

Wherever her "family" resides is home. She never had a real home, since she grew up moving around, so her definition of home is not associated with a specific location. Just where she feels the most at ease.

3: Favorite food and drink?

Ocha (Japanese green tea) and any kind of dessert. Firmly believes that green tea should be consumed with white rice.

4: Any scars/birthmarks?

None, really... But she does have a slight scar on her back from an old battle (it's hidden beneath her clothing).

5: What does your OC do in his/her free time?

Go to ryokans, eat good food, and train. She enjoys training in her taijutsu and kenjutsu.

6: When does your OC think killing is ok?

When someone's life is in danger, or when her job is concerned. As in, she kills a lot haha. 

7: Biggest fear?

Losing the people she loves most and failing her clan.

8: What does your OC think is his/her biggest accomplishment?

Successfully manipulating someone or finishing a job, in general. 

9: How clean/tidy is your OC?

Quite clean, and into her personal hygiene. 

10: Favorite smell?

Dew and flowers. Also loves the smell of fresh air and forest trees when traveling.

11: What does your OC smell like?

Flowers and citrus. Always smells fresh and a bit sweet. Into her perfume, since when traveling, she sometimes doesn't get a chance to bathe for days. 

12: What kind of clothing is your OC the most comfortable in?

Tight things that reveal her skin. She dislikes being covered up or restricted. Likes high heels, because she feels powerful in them (she's really short, so...)

13: What do your OC’s living quarters look like?

It is fairly tidy, but not too organized. If she could stay in one place, she would make her room artistic and stylish, with lots of weapons on the walls. 

14: Is your OC impulsive?

No, she is a careful planner, and calculates pretty much everything she says and does in front of others.

15: Most treasured possession?

Her sword. She doesn't own a lot of things, but her sword was passed down to her.

16: What does your OC consider to be good entertainment?

Fighting, high-end clubs and ryokans, and anything extremely dangerous.

17: Most noticeable physical characteristic?

Probably her hair. She is meant to be really noticeable and conspicuous when in her real form, so everything about her pops out to others.

18: You OC is going out somewhere. Where is he/she going and what time is it?

For a walk, or at a shop, and it is usually at night. Total night owl, due to her occupation.

19: Did your OC enjoy his/her childhood?

Yes, she loved traveling around and training. It wasn't perfect of course, but it was a good time in her life. 

20: What would your OC die for?

Other people, even strangers sometimes, like children. Hitomi doesn't actually value her life that much, so she'd be willing to sacrifice herself for a good cause in a heartbeat.

21: What does it take to earn your OC’s respect?

A lot. The person must have the same moral code as her and be strong-willed in everything they do. However, she treats everybody with respect, regardless of her opinion of them (so that they trust her and like her). 

22: Pet peeves?

Slow people, people who don't clean up after themselves, whining and being late to things.

23: How forgiving is your OC?

She is pretty forgiving, but forgiving doesn't mean trusting. If someone betrays her, she will forgive them most likely, but she won't let them betray her again. 

24: What does your OC sleep in?

Practically nothing haha

25: Biggest secret?

Hitomi has a lot of secrets she's carrying with her, but they are all, well, secrets for now. She has several clan secrets, as well as occupation secrets. I haven't shared her where her true loyalty belongs, or her real motivations yet. Hitomi is made of secrets, essentially. Her very existence is a secret, since there aren't any records of her, even her birth.


1-N-F-E-C-T-E-D Catgirldstr11 RiseDarkMoon RCris123 Yumanae KejaBlank human1123 ninjas-giveyouwings Km92 JauntyEyes JeweledScorpion nightshade1991 orcafreak Secretie YAMsgarden MairiEmrys Lumaki-o aug325 yeorre kaboomie-chan bookworm555 

CSS by freezingfeathers

OC Tag

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 8:36 PM

Hello my dears!

I have kind of been tagged by Yumanae with Hitomi as my oc. This looked like fun, so I wanted to do it! :D


1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag 8 other characters.
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

My Naruto OC Hitomi:

Oboroyo by invisibleninja12

Hitomi's favorite hobby is people.

She takes great pleasure in meeting and getting to know others, as well as predicting their thoughts and future actions. Hitomi is very good at getting people to like her, because she knows what each individual unconsciously wants and gives it to them. She is manipulative, but usually in a harmless way. She understands how people tick, and can bring out the best or worst in them, depending on what she wants. Most people have no idea that everything she says and does in front of them has been calculated in her brain.
When first meeting someone, she will use tactics to quickly narrow down what that person does and doesn't like. This can be seen when she first interacts with Kakuzu. She talks a bit, and probes, until he snaps at her slightly. Once this happens, she has figured out the general things that annoy him, and she successfully avoids annoying him the rest of the journey. She offers a piece of information about herself, waiting to see if he will take the bait and do the same. He does, surprisingly, and so, she gets what she really wants- information. 

Hitomi seeks information on everyone. She is a spy and assassin, so it is logical that she would want to know things about people. She takes great joy in getting raw emotions out of people, and learning their innermost thoughts and feelings, so she can better predict their actions.

But Hitomi is not a sociopath. She is actually very empathetic in nature. She genuinely enjoys getting to know others and making allies in itself, and she truly cares about what others have to say. This is important to know, since it is easy to assume that everything about her is an act. 

People have a hard time figuring her out. Few actually get to know her on a personal level, but those who do usually don't know what to think of her. She is an enigma to most, since her personality can change in different situations. This is due to the fact that she rarely lets people in. She is always mysterious, despite her outgoing nature. Even when she talks a lot, you don't learn anything about her. You only know what she wants you to know. She has trust issues, and rightfully so. You can't be trusting if you have an occupation like hers. And she was also raised to think this way.

(The only person Hitomi does not bother putting on an act for is Sasuke. She doesn't like him (you will find out why later), and she sees no benefit to hiding this fact from others. Since no one really thinks Sasuke is personable anyway, it doesn't hurt her reputation to openly diss him. She doesn't need anything from Sasuke, so she has no motive to hide her feelings. And although she does dislike him, she enjoys his company somewhat, since she doesn't really show her true distaste towards anyone besides him. She also still enjoys studying him and how he reacts to things.)

She loves to fight, and has has a code to her fighting.

Hitomi fantasizes about battle all the time. She constantly looks at those around her and imagines what fighting them would be like and how to win against them. She wants to be prepared in any situation. Hitomi also has "guidelines" to her fighting. She prefers an honest duel, and she wants to treat her opponents with respect. Even when she is out to assassinate someone, she always makes herself known to them first (partly because she likes to see their fear). She takes extra pleasure in killing her targets if she thinks are horrible people. She always does research on her targets before just killing them.

She will abandon this code of "up-frontness" if she thinks the only way to survive is to fight dirty. She can be really nasty and sadistic when she wants to be. It's best not to bring out that side of her. 

When it comes to those who are not worthy of a real battle who attempt to kill her, she will not hesitate to take them out. If someone attempts to kill a person who can't defend themselves, or a person she is protecting, she will immediately try to kill them, no games. Once she gets into "kill" mode, the fight will most likely be over in seconds, because she will usually slice the opponent's neck open or completely behead them. She loves the sight of her defeated opponent's blood. 

Hitomi does not have a home.

She makes a comment to Kakuzu about this, stating that she has never had a home village. This confused Kakuzu, since in that day and age, all ninja are trained in ninja villages, because they need to be registered. Hitomi is not registered anywhere. I would explain why, but that is a big part of what makes her mysterious, so I won't say ;) All you need to know is that she grew up moving around the continent, and that she was always on the run and hiding as a child. And because no one knows who she really is, she technically does not exist.

Hitomi is a master of Taijutsu and Kenjutsu (sword fighting)

I made her to be more like a traditional ninja, so her jutsus are less flashy, and more practical. She enjoys hand-to-hand combat the most. She is also very good at getting close enough to her opponents to use close-combat techniques. Deidara comments on her speed when first crossing paths with her. She has a sword to his throat in no time at all (but Deidara always has his own tricks up his sleeve). Her sword is just a normal sword. It's just really sharp, and when in her hands, very deadly. 

I designed her outfit to actually suit her hand to hand combat, despite what it may look like at first. Her long sleeves are made of a thick fabric, and can be used to conceal her hand movements. She can also use them to her advantage by wrapping them around a weapons and pulling them out of her opponent's hands. Her top is sturdy, and breathable. She has extra fabric that looks like a skirt on her front and back, and she can use them as bandages. She wears high heels, but they have sharp edges (for kicking) and because there is a heel, she can hide a small blade in each shoe easily. She does show her midriff and a bit of her thighs and chest, but that is her personal preference. She likes to be able to "breathe" in her clothing, and expose some skin. And because no one can get past her defense, it doesn't make a difference whether she is covered or not.

No one knows what Hitomi really looks like. 

You find out in the 3rd chapter of my comic that she is nicknamed "Chizome," which means "blood-stained". You also learn that no one has ever heard of her before 6 months ago in the story. Kakuzu mentions that no one knows her true face, and even though she is walking in front of him at the time with her true face, he doesn't know that. Deidara first meets her when she is in a disguise, and when she transforms in front of him, he wonders why she bothered to hide herself, and if she does it all the time. And she does. 

The reason that "Chizome" didn't exist before six months ago is because she didn't want to be on record. She was an assassin before people knew about her, but she changed her appearance so often, it was impossible to track her or even know it was the same assassin. Since Hitomi never had a home village, and has never been on record, no one even knew she existed. 6 months ago, she chose to reveal herself, and the reason for that... is a secret for now hehe. After she did this, those who hired her came up with the nickname, since she is known to be thorough and leave a lot of blood pooling around her victims.

Hitomi is showing her real appearance more often currently because she wants to. Hitomi seeks companionship, and knows that will never happen unless people see her repeatedly looking the same. It also takes less chakra haha.

Note: The only people who know her real name so far are Orochimaru, Kabuto, Sasuke, Deidara and Kakuzu. 

Hitomi loves ryokans, and tea.

She travels a lot, so she has made a hobby of visiting the best ryokans around. She loves onsen (hot springs) very much, and goes to them as much as possible. She also loves ocha (green tea), and knows a lot about it. She always has some good quality tea in her supplies.

She is a walking bingo book.

Hitomi is an excellent spy, and is known for having information on just about everything shady going on in the world. She knows most rogue ninja by name and appearance, as well as secret information about every village. But she doesn't gather this information on her own. The one who truly knows everything is Amaya, her partner. Whenever Hitomi needs information on someone or something, she turns to Amaya, who pretty much always has the answer. Amaya is even more mysterious than Hitomi, and so far, no one has acknowledged her existence other than Hitomi herself. Amaya is actually the biggest mystery in my comic, and not a lot of information will be given about her until Hitomi's back story. 

The combination of these two women makes the perfect informant. 

She is an exhibitionist.

Hitomi is very comfortable with her body and has no problem with showing it off. She also comes from a clan that generally wears less clothing. The clothing she wears is traditional to her clan. In the first chapter, Sasuke comes into her room just as she gets out of the shower. He questions her being in a towel, and she says he's the one who invaded her privacy. To get back at him, she changes right in front of him, knowing he would be horrified. She didn't do it to tempt him, but to make him uncomfortable, knowing he would feel embarrassed for her. Hitomi genuinely does not care if others see her naked form. She won't put herself in situations where she will be naked in front of others, but if someone were to walk in on her, she wouldn't care one bit. 

But Hitomi is not a slut. She isn't very experienced at all, in reality. Being revealing is not equal to being a whore. Hitomi is very aware of how to seduce others, but doesn't think that seducing men around her is always important. She just doesn't like to wear a lot of clothing most of the time. She also enjoys being barefoot, and keeping her hair down. 

(And a bonus fact is that she has insomnia. Instead of sleeping, she usually meditates, to allow her body to rest and recharge. Ninjas don't require as much sleep anyway.)

I am still keeping her other jutsus and background a secret, sorry! Hope you still enjoyed these! :D

~You can see more of Hitomi in my doujinshi, Chizome!~


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Hello everyone! 

I regret to inform you all that I will have to take a hiatus. My health has taken a drastically bad turn recently, and shows no sign of improving soon. I am unable to draw whatsoever, and obviously, that means I will not be posting anything. This hiatus will hopefully be short- maybe a month at most- since I love drawing so much, and I have so many wonderful ideas to share with you. I will certainly be drawing as soon as I am able. 

To those who have commissioned me, I will be sending you a private message explaining the situation, as well as an apology. Once again, I hope to return as soon as possible, but for now, I can only focus on my health. Thank you for your support and consideration :)

Hey guys, so I'm back after a hiatus, due to tablet issues, and I am trying to catch back up with things! I have lots of ideas, and commissions to get to, and I'm busier than ever! I have been receiving so many kind words from all of you, and I would love to respond to every single message, but I'm afraid I'm getting to the point where that's no longer possible. 

Actually, because of my chronic illness, I can have a really hard time writing, and answering even ten comments totally wears me out. I have close to 1000 messages, and I have read them all and I cherish them very much! But I cannot answer most of them :( They have stockpiled, and now it's way too late to even make a dent in them. Due to my hiatus, my condition has worsened to the point where I can barely go outside, and taking a break from drawing for even a month has caused my muscles to atrophy enough to give me trouble drawing at the level I'm used to. Honestly, I'm a bit overwhelmed, but I'm happy that I have so many things to draw! I will be using most of my energy for my art, so I will have next to none left for anything else, including answering messages or anything. I love talking to all of you a lot, but my body is just tuckered out, so I shouldn't force myself to exert myself too much. I just wanted to let you guys know that I read all of your wonderful messages, and that I care, and if I don't respond, it's probably because I just can't :/ 

As for commissions, you guys are more than welcome to ask! They just may take a few weeks to get to, since I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you :) 
Ok, so I was supposed to get a new tablet on Wednesday, and I did... But then I found out that I didn't need a new tablet, I just needed a new cord after all. I originally thought it was the port in the tablet, not the cord... So, I still can't draw, until we get a new cord, since I will be returning this tablet.

A warning to you guys who want to buy a clintiq tablet... The company sucks. It's the best tablet on the market, but they are known to have issues with the cords... And the company doesn't have any cords in stock. Yes, you can get one if you buy a tablet to go with it, but you can't just get a new cord. Not unless your tablet is still under warranty, which mine fortunately is.

But it will still probably take weeks or something to get them to send me a cord, because they suck. So right now, I have my original clintiq tablet (which is only a year old) and the cord that comes with it, but the cord is crap. Then I try to use my old tablet (I don't remember which brand, but it's not nearly as nice) and I can't really draw with that at all. I was going to draw on that while I waited for a new cord, but it doesn't work...

So then my mom helps out and calls the clintiq company, asking for a new tablet, because we were certain it was the tablet itself, not the cord. We get this new tablet, and realize it was just the cord after all! So now we just purchased this expensive thing for no reason, other than to get a $35 cord... And you can't buy these cords anywhere, other than from this company?

And I'm not allowed to use that new cord with my older tablet, so I'm still incapable of drawing. It's been 2 weeks now, and I'm getting antsy. -_- Just an update, so you guys won't be wondering what the heck happened to me.
Hey guys, in case you haven't heard, my tablet broke, and I tried to use my old one, but I can't really draw on it... So I bought a new one, and it will be coming in on Wednesday. Until then, I apologize, but I can't do any commissions are requests :( I hope this new month will be a more productive...

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Only 3 years now ^_^

2. What does your username mean?

I like ninjas?? So I just made that up on the spot haha

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Outgoing, diplomatic, dorky

4. Are you left or right handed?

Left handed! Yeaaaah

5. What was your first deviation?         

The Enigma by invisibleninja12

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?

Um, art I can look at and be happy with haha... I enjoy creating emotional art with depth.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

The classical painting style... As in, the ultimate realistic yet dynamic style.

8. What was your first favorite?

Loki Colored by osy057
This is what's listed, however, I messed around with my favorites a lot, so I don't know anymore...

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?


10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

Uhhhh I'll just list some: :iconsakimichan: :iconadamhughes: :iconartgerm: :iconcitrusgun: :iconlpilz: 

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:iconrisedarkmoon: :iconrcris123: :iconhuman1123: :iconorcafreak: :iconyumanae: :iconninjas-giveyouwings: :iconaug325:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

RDM, Dana and Rcris are my buds, and they changed my approach to people online a lot. They are the first friends I made!

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

My wacom, Coral Painter 15, Manga Studio 5, paper and pencil

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Just my bed haha I'm surrounded by weapons, which makes me feel like drawing ninjas *dorky thumbs up*

15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?        

Ehhhhh Idk maybe getting fans for my comic? Making friends in general? 

Now that I am doing commissions, I have some guidelines.
Firstly, I have many styles, and if none of my commission categories are specific enough, or if you have a particular drawing's style in mind, notify me. I will be able to recreate it!

1) No hentai, pornographic images, or anything R-rated.
2) Blood and gore is fine
3) Anything in a pg-13 movie is fine
4) I want to draw your OC!
5) If you give me a detailed character description or a picture of your OC, I can draw it!
6) Traditional art, especially pencil, is my forte, actually, so if you are interested in that, I welcome you!
7) I can draw any object, animal, or whatever else, but if I am not used to drawing it (anything besides people, really), then I may charge a bit more.

IMPORTANT: I have a chronic condition that can give me trouble quite often, and sometimes it's too hard to draw with it. So I may finish your commission immediately, or it will take a week or two to finish, because of this. I apologize for any inconveniences. 
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2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

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7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8) No tag-backs.

9) You can't say that you don't do tags.

10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

My answers to the ten Qs:
1. Favorite genre of music and what band/singer?
Goodness, that's tough. Probably alternative rock, and I love Anberlin, Coldplay, Three Days Grace and The Birthday Massacre (that's more than one, I know)
2. Would you be a water, earth, fire, or air bender? or just be the avatar?
I would choose water! If I could just be the avatar though, I'd pick that. So such thing as being overpowered! 
3. If you had to choose your death in Naruto would it be through genjutsu, ninjutsu, or taijutsu? (illusions, ninja stuff, martial arts)
Taijutsu. As a martial artist myself, I would like my death to be personal. Also, Typically in Naruto, if the enemy is using taijutsu, that means that they are running out of steam and I fought well.
4. How are you doing?
Pretty well. Tired from traveling :P
5. What inspires you? in anything
Naruto, that's what. And other artists and people that have similar hardships to mine and still get through it all :)
6. Choose one song that describes you.
Lost! by Coldplay, Sleep. When We Die. by Anchor and Braille, The Funeral by Band of Horses
7. Who is your favorite artist? and why?
I love Takeshi Obata (Deathnote artist) because he is a genius and I aspire to draw like him one day. I also adore Adam Hughes, because of his unique style. I have many favorites, based on different types of art.
8. You are stuck in a room full of zombies, you are by the exist but your friends are on the other side of the room about to be attacked by the zombies. Would you save yourself or go help them? And all you have is a crowbar.
Save my friends, because a crowbar is plenty to take down multiple zombies without getting bitten.
9. What do you think about my random questions?
They are enjoyable :D
10. Would you rather have the world end in fire or in a flood?
Both are crappy, I'd pick flood. 

My Questions:
1) What is your favorite kind of dessert?
2) If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
3) What are you addicted to?
4) Favorite art style?
5) If you could learn how to do any one thing exceptionally, what would it be?
6) What is your favorite story to tell? If you don't like to tell stories, what happened in your life that would make a good story?
7) What is growing up to you?
8) What are you most proud of?
9) Who is your favorite villain of all time?
10) What makes you uncomfortable?

I choose you!