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Hey guys, this is just an official post saying that I am currently closed for commissions, and probably will be for another month or so- until I catch up with the ones I already took on. It’s been a really tough year health-wise for me, so I need to take it slow :)
I will notify you guys when I’m open for commissions again!




“kanshi- watching, surveillance”

This Vegeta wasn't posted on here when I finished him, and it’s been finished for so long... Ok, this is actually the first DBZ fan art I ever did, and I really love it!! Traditional sketch plus digital coloring! 

Obviously used a ref, but I found it on my phone months ago, and I can’t find it… It’s some shirtless man in sneakers chilling with a rock. Really active looking guy, good ref haha! 



invisibleninja12's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Eva! 21, Extrovert. I am a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and I've taken 4 years of Japanese. I also like dessert, especially pie and jelly-filled donuts. And that's me in a nutshell!

My art mostly consists of Naruto, but I also draw Miraculous Ladybug, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter Gintama (and others)! You may repost anywhere as long as you credit, thanks! And if you find my art on here with no source, you are welcome to send me a link, but in reality, I don't actually care that much...

Before commissioning me, it is important to know that I have a very debilitating chronic illness, and because of it, it is sometimes difficult to draw. I will try my best to be fast, and finish your commission ASAP, but it could take months to upload, depending on my health. I hope this is understandable :)

Other sites:…


Detailed Styles
Whatever these are, they take around the same amount of effort! Either a really fancy background or my painting style. If you have a particular picture you like, I can do that style for you :)
One character is $45 and two characters is $50. Any more than that, and we can talk about a custom price. 
Regular Style without advanced background
These take me a few hours at most to do :) One character is $35, and two or more characters is $40

This can include a full body, just not a detailed background or too much detail on the shading, otherwise it will be considered a detailed picture, which is more expensive.
Simpler Shading
Still has shading, but doesn't take long to do at all. One character is $30, two or more is $35 and so on.

If you want a valentine's day series picture from this year or 2016, they fall under this category!!
Flat Color and Patterns
Either has no shading or very minimal shading. Patterns on fabric can be included.
One character is $20, Two is $25 and so on.
Colored Comics
One Page is $25.00- $60, based on commission slots above. If you have questions, we can discuss a custom price.
Can be anything you want!
B&W Comics
One page is $20- $40, depending on the subject and detail.

I will only go up to 4 panels for $20. 5 or 6 will cost at least $25
Reference Sheets
Uh, I've been asked about these a lot, so if you want one, I'd be more than happy to make one for you! Just give me a bunch of information about your character if you'd like a bio sheet, or give me a character design if you just want me to lay that out all nice and pretty!

I will type out wording if you like- or you can just use my drawings in your own ref sheet. (The last two are newer, I have higher standards since my older ref sheets)
Sketches can go from $10 to $20 depending on how complex it is. Shading will make it more expensive.

The canvas will be cleaned up for you, so it's all pretty haha

Favorite Popular Anime? 

144 deviants said Naruto
69 deviants said Other (Onepunch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, Evangelion, etc.)
62 deviants said Fullmetal Alchemist
34 deviants said Attack on Titan
26 deviants said Fairy Tail
24 deviants said Hunter x Hunter
21 deviants said Bleach
21 deviants said Deathnote
18 deviants said Dragonball (Z)
16 deviants said One Piece


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